With me you’ll walk on water

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Today I want to open all of your senses, both spiritual and natural, so you can experience me in a brand new way. Taste and see that I am good! How will you do that if your senses are limited to just one or two? I have so much more for you and I am even better than you realise!

Yes really. You think you know me. You know me better today than you’ve ever known me but there is still so much for us to explore together. It will take all of eternity for you to even begin to know me as I want to be known by you but why wait?

I’m inviting you deeper today. Dive into the rich depths of my love and explore everything I am. Allow me to show you all of the ways in which I’m showing up for you today. Expect to hear see, taste, touch and smell me. Yes, expect to smell me. I smell amazing!

I really am so much more than you ever dared to dream possible. I am everything and you were created to do life with all of me. I am good. You are being invited to do life with the one who is all good and all love. What could be better than that?

The world doesn’t know me but you know me. Get ready to know me even more. I’m holding your hand and leading you away from the shallow waters. You don’t need to be afraid because I am with you and I am for you. Embrace the journey with me. Keep your eyes fixed on me. With me you’ll walk on water!

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