All things, without exception

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

When you move with me, one day at a time, one moment in one day at a time, expect to see great things happen! And not everything will be planned in advance, not by you at least, but none of it is an accident. You are not an accident. 

I really did handcraft you, saw you in my mind’s eye as I laid the foundations of the world. Saw you, knew you and equipped you for such a time as this. Knowing what I knew about how your life would unfold, the journey you would take through life, I equipped you with the perfect compliment of gifts and talents.

Even those quirks and eccentricities, those pieces that seem silly and random to you, are a part of how I created you. Everything serves a purpose and helps play into where you are today. Yes, even those parts that feel like foibles to you have a role to play, a purpose to perform.

I did not will everything but I am moving in everything, turning all things to good – even the pieces that look messy to you. I’m not afraid of or offended by your mess. I am moving and working in all things.

Hear me again … Your life doesn’t need to be picture perfect before I can move. I am moving. I am acting. And I am moving and acting with you, in you, moment by moment, day by day. Moving and working in all things.

Take me at my word. Ask me to show you how I’m working in the specifics of all the things in your life today. All things, without exception. I am working in all things for your good, to move forward the plan and purpose for your life. Ask me what that looks like today.

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