Working for your good always and without exception

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

The next time something happens that catches you by surprise, ask me to open all of your senses so you can experience and appreciate the good I am working in that situation. And the next time something goes wrong, allow me to show you how I’m moving.

Because I really am working in all things for your good. All things, not just the fun or happy events but the frustrating ones too. You just can’t see how yet.

And no, that’s not to say that the less than lovely is my will or best for you. Yes, I see all things and I knew what would happen before you moved even a millimetre today but I don’t speak disaster into your life. What kind of parent would do that?

Instead, when things feel uncomfortable, never lose sight of the fact that I’m right there with you in the mess. I am working to bring good from each and every encounter you will have today. So yes, the next time something breaks or you make a mess, wait, watch and allow me to let you see how I’m moving. And when you find yourself trying to figure out what I’ll do, I’ll help you let go of the outcome too.

That’s not an excuse or invitation to embrace recklessness of course. You’ll make mistakes and learn from them, hopefully, but you’re still here to be a good steward. You don’t need to court disaster just to see me move! I am very able to move and I don’t need you to be in a tricky situation in order to do so.

This is simply a reminder for those times when life throws you a curve ball. You are never alone. I am with you, always. And I am moving, working, for your good, always and without exception.

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