You are so treasured, so adored

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There are some things in life that you have no frame of reference for. You look back on your life thus far and it feels like a really long time. Eternity, forever and ever, is impossible for you to wrap your head around because your life is bound by time.

I am outside of time and yet choose to step into this moment with you. That is my prerogative, my joy, my delight. I also love exploring these ideas that make your mind ache, not because I want you to feel small or inadequate but because they allow me to show you a whisper of the life to come.

But don’t live there, you’re not there yet. Instead, fix your eyes on Jesus, your big brother, and live in this moment. This moment is all you have and that will always be true, even in eternity. In fact, it will be even more true in the life to come because you’ll find yourself free from the preoccupation of times and seasons.

There will still be seasons of course, the changing of the colours on the trees is beautiful so why would I not include that joy in the life to come? But you’ll be released from the planning and worrying about concepts such as “too late” or “not enough time” because in the life to come there is enough of everything, including moments.

Plant your feet firmly in this moment and let’s enjoy it together. There is so much to explore and delight in, right here, right now. Pause and feel the warmth of my love rush over you. You are so treasured, so adored. We’ll need all of eternity to explore all the expressions of my love!

And I am sharing that love right now in this moment. You don’t have to wait to experience my love. It is who I am and there is no escaping it. Open your heart. Open your mind. I love you because I love you because I love you!