You are spectacular!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Close your eyes. What can you see? You think you can’t see anything because it’s dark but what if I open the eyes of your heart? Yes, heart is a metaphor. The organ that beats in your chest doesn’t have eyes. Or does it? There is so much going on inside of you and around you that you have no comprehension of.

It’s time to reject the lie that says you can’t see or hear or experience me in certain ways. I’m holding the whole world together in the palm of my hand. The biggest sea creature is insignificant compared to me. The birds dance with the wind that I gift to them. If I can do all that, why would I not make it possible for the pinnacle of my creation to experience a full relationship with me?

You are spectacular to me, so special. Yes, more than you know. You look at the physical world around you and all you see is the one thousand ways you got it wrong. You see the hurt and the decay, the frustration and the tears. When I look at you I see something, someone, incredible to behold!

Yes really. You are glorious to me! You need to let me wake you up to the reality of life inside the circle of Trinity. Life as my beloved is so much more than you ever dared dream possible. Bored? Never again! Going through the motions? No more!

In this current age you will still have problems to deal with, I’m not removing you from the reality of being alive right now. Instead, you’ll face those problems with me, with all the authority and resources of heaven at your disposal. That’s a game changer, and one that I’m inviting you to embrace the reality of today.

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