You are vital!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

It’s so important that you don’t get weary in well doing. The things that you do make more of a difference than you can see right now. Every time you accept an invitation from me, it is credited to you as righteousness. Every time you follow a nudge, you are storing up treasures in heaven.

Not that this is all about the life to come. Don’t get fixated on “what’s next” when there is so much to do right here, right now. Just understand that I see you. You are never hidden from me and I love doing life with you.

Those times when you wonder if there’s really any point? Those times when you feel a bit lost or helpless? Those times when life feels like “same old, same old”? Stop! Nothing is ever worthless, nothing is ever wasted. Remember this moment. Come back to this moment and allow me to whisper my love to you. You make a difference. You are vital!

I saw you, every inch of you, as I spoke the universe into existence. Allow the reality of that to seep into your being. This moment, this lifetime of yours, none of it is accidental. Let me say it again … as I spoke the stars into place, I saw you, knew you, treasured you, anticipated this moment.

I see the end from the beginning and whilst to you it sometimes feels like every day is the same, that nothing ever really changes, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Embrace each moment with me. Recognise the adventure I’m inviting you into and grab it with both hands.

Yes, there is adventure in the seemingly mundane. Think of today as one tiny jigsaw piece, adding to the glorious picture that can only be seen as all the pieces are allowed out to play. Your piece of the puzzle makes a difference so do not get weary in well doing!

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