You can thrive

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There is nothing accidental about the way things are playing out in your life right now. Even the pieces that are challenging, whilst I don’t will those things, they never take me by surprise.

Yes, I could remove you from those situations, and occasionally I will, but most often I move through each situation with you.

I know that often doesn’t feel like much comfort when you’re slap bang in the centre of something that hurts. It would be far nicer to simply not have to deal with the hard parts. I understand how you feel and my invitation is one of trust. Trust that I know what I’m doing. Trust that I will never let you down. You don’t see the growth and the opportunities but I do.

You can grow through the glorious parts of the adventure too of course, I’m not limited in the way we can do life together, but the reality of your humanity is that you will grow through the pain. You grow towards me when life feels challenging.

You are the person you are today because of the difficult seasons of life. You can let that empower you or limit you, your choice. Would you appreciate your superpowers were it not for the opportunities to practice using them? Would you know how brilliant you are during specific challenges if every moment of every day were easy? Would you appreciate the glorious moments of life if every delightful moment were the same?

Understand that challenges and difficulties are not my best for you. I don’t write those chapters into existence. They are a reality of living life in this current age and I am here to help you grow and develop and thrive whilst navigating all the moving pieces. Yes, me-helping you, you can thrive.

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