You don’t need a backup plan

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You don’t need a backup plan. Yes, I gave you a mind to think and reason things but why waste precious time and energy on backup plans when you already know that I have all things in place for you?

“But what if it doesn’t work?” I hear your heart’s whisper and need you to understand that yes, from your perspective, things will sometimes appear to fail. You will hear my promises and make plans with me and sometimes those plans will need to be tweaked and adjusted as you take action. 

Updating the plan is not the same as planning to fail and when you engage in back up plans, “just in case God doesn’t show up for me” plans, you’re partnering with fear. Instead, explore my promises for you. Hear my heart and ask me what we’re doing moment by moment, day by day.

Move with me. Allow me to lead you and guide you. As you do so, you will be walking out each and every promise I have for you without ever needing a backup plan. I am your Source, your Provider, the one who loves you and has made every provision for you. Do you think I need someone to cover my back just in case I mess up or get it wrong?

You’re laughing because it feels ridiculous when I express it like that but every time you spend time and energy engaged in looking for solutions outside of my best for you, you’re partnering with doubt.

Yes, sometimes things will happen across your path and you wonder if they’re from me. In a bid to hear my best, you’ll “push at doors”, try the idea out and see what happens. The safest way to “push at doors” is always with me. Then, no matter the outcome, you can confidently move forward, trusting that however the door moves (or doesn’t!) is in line with my best.

Again, pushing at doors is not the same as a backup plan. It’s noticing and asking me if that’s me and I can work with that. What I won’t work with is you planning to fail when we’ve barely gotten started!

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