You make me smile!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There are pieces at play that you can’t see or know but you sense them. You can feel something in the air, almost like a pregnant pause, the whole of creation holding its breath. It’s beautiful and glorious and if you would only press into it, allow me to unpack it with you, wow, just wow!

Don’t give up! Don’t lose hope! Those whispers of defeat you hear are not me. They are the enemy trying to slip you off course. You know the promises I have for you. Or have you forgotten? Ask me to remind you of them. Cling to the promises.

I am not a man that I would change my mind. Those promises are my gift to you. You can hold onto them, trust that from my perspective they are already done. It is finished!

Now is the time to walk this out with me, moment by moment. This is a glorious age to be alive! Really, yes and amen!

The world will want to tell you you’re crazy for the hope you have but your hope is in me and I will never let you down! And the hope you have is not to be hoarded. Don’t get fat on hope, it is to be shared with wild abandon.

This world needs hope, even as it calls you crazy. And I love the crazy ones – you make me smile!

Every morning as you open your eyes I celebrate a new day together. And I know that this isn’t a side of me you grew up hearing about but my celebration over you isn’t something you learn, it’s to be experienced.

Step into this moment of celebration with me. Feel yourself slap bang in the centre of love in creation. I know that’s hard for you to picture. Maybe, instead of trying to picture it, you can simply ask me to open all your senses – physical and spiritual – so you can really experience it.

Let me show you how to live in my love. I love you because I love you because I love you.