You make my heart sing!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There’s nothing wrong with asking me questions. I love your questions! Every time you ask me a question, you open your heart to receiving my love. This is beautiful! And those times when exploring questions leads to more questions, guess what I’m inviting you to do? Yes! Bring me those questions too.

Seek clarification. Refine the vision. Get specific and allow me to expand your horizons. All of this and more is the power of a good question.

Sometimes you might feel like you’re not asking the best question. There isn’t anything off limits, you can ask me anything. At the same time though, you’re right … not all questions are equal. Those times when you’re not sure if you’re asking me the right question, ask me. 

Yes, I said “ask me” yet again and I’ll keep on saying it as many times as you need me to. The more you seek me, the more you’ll find me. What does it mean to “seek me”? To seek is to look for, to go after, move towards and how do you do that? Ask me!

Asking is part of the seeking. Nothing is wasted. I turn all things to good and whilst you remind yourself of that when things feel tricky, “all things” means everything. If something is already pretty good then bring it to me. I can make it spectacular!

I’m inviting you to do all of life with me, it’s what you were born for, and it can start with a good question so bring me all your questions and when you’re not sure where to start, ask me what’s on my heart in that moment.

I love sharing my heart with you and when you open your senses to hear me, it makes my heart sing!