Your best year yet!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You are stepping into the best year of your life. Yes, lots of important and significant events have already happened in your life thus far – but as you move into this one with me, know that the best is yet to come!

Yes really. There will be challenges of course, but let me help you see these as opportunities to draw even closer to me. All things can build our relationship, even the tough stuff. Let me show you how I’m working in all things, even the challenges, to move for your good according to the wonderful plan and purpose for your life. 

The best really is yet to come. Let me give you my faith for that because I can feel your reticence. And hear me again … the best is yet to come. Or to put it another way: This year will be your best yet. Move through it with me. Navigate all of it with me. Trust me and simply thank me. You need only to keep moving with me. I’ve got this. The specifics, the outcome and results, are on me.

And do not lose heart. Do not give up. Keep doing this with me. Follow the nudges and trust that I am doing this in ways far beyond your expectation or current understanding.

This is the year to intentionally sow seeds. Seeds that I will water but I need you to sow. Start with what is in your hand. Yes, gather people as I lead you but in the meantime, it’s time to simply start. Share what I put on your heart and as you do so, you will draw people in.

Don’t use lack of people or resources or time as an excuse not to start. Start with what you have. Simply start sowing and as you go, it will grow.

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