Your finest work

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Do you know how many different varieties of apples I created? I do! Did you know that every plant has a name? But of course! Do you know how many legs are on all the insects in the world? I’ve counted every single one! There is so much variety in this beautiful world I created for you because I am even more creative than you realise.

And my creativity didn’t stop when I finished speaking creation into order. I am still actively creating and moving today. I didn’t hang up my creativity and check out. I am active right now in your life for your good and for the advancement of the Kingdom!

Look around you at all the incredible creatures, plants and insects I created and then consider this … the same creative power that spoke creation into being is available to you today. Ask me what I’m creating in your life in this moment. Ask me how I’d like to create with you. Ask me about the blueprints and solutions I’m unlocking.

Creating is fun for me – and that’s why it’s fun for you! The joy you get from making and doing? The thrill of pleasure you get from the anticipation of actioning a new idea? Where do you think you get that from? Yes, me!

It’s time to embrace the gift of creativity – in the widest sense of the word possible. This isn’t simply about painting, writing or making. You are a creative being and I am inviting you to create with me.

What if the very next solution was Me-given? What if you didn’t pen another sentence without listening for my whisper? What if you consciously, actively invited me into the creative process with you? I’m always there of course but it’s time to recognise the creativity I’m looking to unleash with you and through you. Get ready for your finest work!

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