Your mind is my playground!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Your day to day life is controlled by what happens in your mind but guess what? Your mind is my playground. No matter what is going on around you, we can have a party in there! This is the real beauty and joy of doing life with me and I’m inviting you to step into a new understanding of what this means for your daily life.

If aspects of your day to day life leave you feeling frustrated or without the power or energy you know are yours to live with, explore with me what it would look like for you to have all the energy and power and confidence you need.

There is nothing we can’t do together when you allow me to play. Together is key. Yes, I know we’ve explored this before, many times, but it’s time to get serious about what that really means. Some of the habits you’ve slipped into aren’t serving you. Nothing I invite you to let go of is needed.

Bring your habits to me and ask me about them. Let us explore your daily life together. What are the things that light you up and leave you feeling energised? And when in the day can you feel yourself flagging? What if you explored all of those things with me? And trust me in this process. I know what I’m doing.

Much of what happens in your life is controlled, empowered, by what’s happening in the playground of your mind. It’s been a while since we had a good tidy up. Some weeds need uprooting and I’d love to plant something new. Removing what’s no longer needed and adding the new and uplifting. Now is the season for preparing your mind. When better?

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