Your problems are my problems

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I am doing a new thing. I’m always doing a new thing yes, because I’m doing this with you, my children, and each of you is new and fresh and shiny. But I’m also doing a new thing within the context of this moment.

I hear you … you worry that you’re being presumptuous or putting words in my mouth when you hear these whispers from me. Stop worrying about getting “it” wrong and instead allow me to whisper my heart to you. This moment is important. It’s all we have. From one moment to the next that is always true. We only have this moment.

Instead of worrying about getting this moment wrong, what if you instead allowed me to be with you? What if you embraced the gift of this moment, opened the gift, explored it? Step into each moment with wonder and delight. I really am doing a new thing and I’m inviting you to be a part of it.

This isn’t just for you of course. I’m wooing my dear ones deeper into relationship, sharing my heart, my love, my provision, my care. Lift up your head. Open your eyes. There is wonder in this moment. Every step you take, I am with you. Where shall we go today? What difference will we make?

The enemy wants to keep you playing small, weighed down by the worries of this life. And of course you have responsibilities, things you must do, but even in those moments – especially in those moments – I am right there with you.

There is nothing outside the reach of my love. If it is on your mind, it is on my mind. Your problems are my problems. What if you really embraced the reality of that today? What if we did all of it together?

I need you in the world, hearing my heart, sharing my love. All things to all people. Approachable. Down to earth. Yes, just like Jesus. Fix your eyes on Jesus, your big brother, and you won’t go far wrong!