Your true identity

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Get ready to build with me. I have the plans and I know exactly what I’m doing. You find it easy to trust the “experts” who fix your car or do building work in your house but I am the ultimate expert in all things. Trusting me is like inviting the Master Craftsman into your home. I bring only solutions and I see the end from the beginning. Nothing ever catches me by surprise or unawares.

Instead of focussing on what you don’t know or the things you don’t yet have, what if you showed me what’s in your hands right now? Start with what you do have. What do you have? You have me! With me inside of you, you are unstoppable! Yes, really! There is nothing that is outside of your reach when you recognise Who you’re partnering with.

I see and hear the desires of your heart and I meet you right where you are. I know those things you’re excited about because I created you with those desires and passions built in.

I hear you. I know you. And since I am the Master Craftsman, why not allow me to bring my solutions and creativity? Ask me for specific answers to specific questions. I love getting specific with you!

And as we move together in this, expect the unexpected. I’ve told you before … I am able to fulfil all my promises to you in an instant – but I won’t do so any any cost. Our relationship and your relationships with the people around you are my priority. And so yes, expect the unexpected and let me help you get comfortable with my timing.

My timing is perfect and it is not slow! That’s a lie from the enemy – yes, another one. I don’t keep you waiting to test you. Those times when it feels like you’re waiting on me are about growth and love. I love you too much to move before you’re ready.

And now that it’s time to move, keep doing so with me. That is vital – more so than you know. With me is what you were born for. It’s time to step into your true identity, with me.

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