You’re more protected than you know

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There is so much going on around you that you don’t see or even sense. Yes, you sometimes get a slight inkling of “other” activity but most of the time you’re completely oblivious. And you don’t need to know or see it all but know this … you are protected – and so much more than you realise.

You sometimes think I’m slow to act or wonder about my timing but what you don’t see is the hundreds of little ways in which you’re being looked after and protected every, single day. Sometimes my apparent slowness is simply an opportunity for all the necessary pieces to line up.

All because of my love for you. I’m not prepared to move before the timing is perfect simply to satisfy your impatience. It would do you more harm than good so instead I ask you to trust me and take me at my word. If I have said it, it will be so.

Instead of being impatient, let me help you enjoy each moment with me. Yes, the destination is delightful but I’m inviting you to embrace my joy in the journey. You will get there, in my perfect timing. You have no control over when but you have complete control over the how. Why would you choose anything less than joy?

Yes, there will be moments and sometimes even whole seasons that feel challenging. You don’t need to hide your head in the sand and pretend that everything is awesome when it’s anything but!

However, you also don’t need to dig in, grit your teeth and get “there” at any cost. You can instead flow with me. Allow me to help you find the wonder in this moment with me. I’m guarding your heart, developing a gentleness in you that defies the circumstances. And protecting you, always protecting you, so much more than you currently see or understand.

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