A life I can flow through with wild abandon

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Do you know what the best thing is about doing life with the One who loves you most in all the universe? You never need to be afraid of doing it “wrong”. It? Us, relationship, life together, hearing my heart.

I know your heart. Those moments when from your perspective things feel uncertain, there’s nothing to fear because I know your intentions. I hear your heart even before you fully know it yourself.

Now here’s something you might find more difficult to digest: The same is true for each and every person who ever hurt you. They were doing the best they knew within the context of that moment. Does that make it right or excuse them from hurting you? No, of course not. I weep when you weep, each and every time. And yes, they need forgiveness and a Saviour just like you do!

Is it possible for you to let me help you forgive and love even the person who hurt you most? What about the person who still seems to go out of their way to hurt you? Can you forgive them even when they’re not seeking forgiveness?

I’m not asking you to forgive them for their sake, I’m inviting you to forgive them for you. I want to help you move into my very best and sometimes that means exploring things that are uncomfortable.

And no, you don’t have to forgive them, my love for you is not dependant upon your ability to forgive. My love is a gift, wrapped in grace with a great big bow of unconditional!

What if forgiving them is needed for you to step into the fullest expression of life with me? Because if you can forgive and love them, you can forgive and love anyone. And that’s a life I can flow through with wild abandon!

I’m not saying it is easy but I’m also not asking you to do it alone or by your own strength. We’re going to do this together, me-helping you. Yet again I simply need your amen!

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