Welcome to Youier!

Youier is here to help you step into God's best for you, to embrace who you were created to be - and to have a great time doing it!

"For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10

When you're living God's story, being who He created you to be, we call that "being you" but we're not stopping there because God doesn't want you to simply be you. He's inviting you to be you, in daily, active, relationship with Him. He's inviting you to be Youier!

What's Youier?

YOU (the person you were created to be) + IER (intentional, expectant, relationship)

A relationship as real as the one you have with your very best friend. Conversation, asking questions, doing life together.

That's what God's inviting you into - and it's so much more fun than you ever dared dream possible!

You simply need to be you, in relationship with your Creator and Greatest Encourager - and that starts with, "hello".

And that’s what the "IER" in Youier is really about - helping you have fun with God, normalising conversations with Him, so it moves from something mysterious or uncommon and instead is simply a part of what it means to be fully human, fully alive.

Because when you let Him love you, when you realise that you can hear from God and have that daily, active relationship with Him, that's when you can hear His heart for you and step into the fullness of what it means to be you. Youier!

How we got here is a longer story which you can click here to read but let's just say that the short version is that God showing me how to be Youier saved me from going crazy. If I'd taken my stressed out, depressed self to the family doctor at the time I'd have probably been put on medication when all I really needed was to be Youier.

Add a dose of ADHD and comfort eating into the mix and you'll understand I was not in a great place. But God! The difference is like night and day - and my breakthrough & victories are not just for me!

And that's why Youier is my life's mission. I was born to help you be Youier. Youier is the answer, God-given before I ever knew the question!

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