My absolute best?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What if a delay results in my absolute best for you? Because it can. I’m not saying that every season of waiting is as a result of things needing to align or mature. Sometimes you wait because other people aren’t ready yet. Other times the maturing needs to come from you and you can’t rush that process. 

I say that not to shame you or to send you into a spiral of self-condemnation. I say that simply to offer an alternative perspective on those seasons you find challenging. You will, with time and distance and the fulfilment of promises, be able to look back and see my hand at work. It will be possible to be thankful for the pauses, but I don’t expect you to be thankful in the moment.

Guess what though? I can help shorten the gap to thankfulness. When you explore all this with me, I’ll bring you insights and revelation you could never see coming. And no, you can’t rush that process either but what you can do is to continue practicing being with me. The more “with me” becomes your default, the more I can help you thrive, regardless of the season.

When you walk this out with me, it won’t matter that the people around you are spreading doom and gloom. I can help you see my love in every and any situation. And yes, sometimes it will feel hard but you aren’t the sum of your feelings. They’re a great signpost but they’re often not my truth. This is particularly the case when your feelings aren’t empowering you to love more deeply. Any feeling that takes you away from love is not from me! Any feeling that shuts you down is not my heart. 

My absolute best for you is bigger than you can wrap your head around but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Me-helping you, it’s time to step into my love. Fully alive, fully human, the you I created you to be.

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