All my promises are yes and amen!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

From my perspective, each and every promise I’ve given you is already done. I see the end from the beginning remember, so I know how all will play out, even as I choose to walk it fresh with you moment by moment.

And yes, those promises require you too, we’re doing this together, but I can see the fulfilment. It is done, finished!

That’s not to invite you to complacency. I need you to hear my heart, seek me and explore what I’m doing and inviting you into – and walk it out with me. But understand that is is already done! You can let go of any worry or doubt. All my promises are yes and amen! My word will not return to me void. You can trust me.

I wouldn’t promise you things and urge you to take me at my word if it were not so. And unlike you, I am God so I see it all. Yes, I operate with the constraints of your faith and your will because I love you – and I still give you my word. All my promises are yes and amen! If I said it, if I promised it, it will happen. Of that you can be certain.

And I know your heart. I see you and hear you. You still worry about the specifics, wondering how and when, but I’m inviting you to let go of worry. Refuse to worry. Instead, know that it is done! And simply live from the reality of that.

Yes, “done” won’t always unfold how you expect. Not every step of this journey is going to be easy, but never forget that I turn all things to good because you love me. And I love you. So no, my promises to you don’t cause me any anxiety at all because they are finished. Now is the time to simply walk them out together, one step at a time.

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