Alone is an illusion

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Some of the things I’m sharing with you are not going to be for everyone. Share them, I’m not saying you should keep things to yourself, but you need to understand that not everyone is going to receive what I bring, not yet at least. “At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow!” That’s a promise, the piece to hang on to when you feel like you’re alone in this journey.

Incidentally, “alone” is an illusion. It’s time to explore those feelings with me and remember what I showed Elijah when he was at his lowest. The enemy would love to keep you isolated. When you feel that urge to stay silent or to hide away, take that to me and ask me to show you my truth.

In some seasons I will invite you to rest in me, to deepen your conversations with me, and those times you might naturally find yourself quieter but there’s a difference between “quieter” and “isolated”. 

And as we go deeper and explore things together, reject any whisper that you need to water down what I’m sharing with you. Share my heart, that’s all I’m calling you to do. Share my heart as I share it. Sometimes that will be with stories and pictures, other times that will feel deeper. You are not the Author of the outcome, remember?

Instead, what if you thought of yourself as the scribe? Hear my heart and share what you hear using the words I give you. Simple. Why does it sometimes feel difficult to you? (Yes, I hear your questions.) It feels difficult because this is important. You feel resistance because the enemy doesn’t want you to get this.

But I have given you the authority to reject all enemy interference. In Jesus name, bind anything and everything that tries to come against you. You are mine and the victory is won!

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