Are you ready to play?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Do I really need to say it again? Yes, I know exactly what I’m doing! Why does this still have the power to take you by surprise? And yes, I’m smiling as I say that because you make me smile. Enjoy the delight you feel as you realise, yet again, that I know what I’m doing. You’d think that after all this time it wouldn’t still surprise you but I’m laughing with you that it does.

Here’s something else to ponder on … it takes you by surprise within the context of how many years we’ve been doing this together but that same period of time is but a blink of the eye from my perspective. And yet still I hold everything together. Amazing, eh?

I know this makes your mind hurt. It’s so hard for you to wrap your thoughts around my vastness but I don’t want you to keep your attention there. Instead, remember and reflect and ponder on how personal and intimate my love is towards you. You are known, wholly and completely. There is nothing on your mind that is not on my mind. My thoughts about you are more numerous than grains of sand on the beach.

I really am that amazing and vast, such that I also have thoughts concerning every single one of my children. I am so much more than you really understand and I am love. Let me hold those two pieces in your understanding, just for a moment. Allow the reality of the truth of who I am seep into every cell of your being until it empowers you in a fresh new way.

I know exactly what I am doing and I want you to play a part in all of it. No, not knowing all of it, but playing a part in it, making a difference in ways that you’ll not see until the life to come. My question is, are you ready to play?

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