As old as the stars!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I am the God of so much more than you give me credit for. I can do so much more than you know, move in ways you’ve not even begun to comprehend and hold things together in a way that would blow your mind!

Meaning? Meaning that, if you’re ready to let me, I can show up in a way that you’ve never seen before. Sounds kind of scary to you, doesn’t it? I can hear you pulling back but you don’t need to because I am love. I want my very best for you. I’m simply inviting you into everything I saw for you when I dreamed you into existence at creation. 

Yes, I saw you and knew you as I created the world. You are as old as the stars in my mind! As old as the stars and as familiar and well known too. Every hair on your head is numbered. Nothing catches me unawares. I know things feel chaotic to you but that’s simply not the truth. It’s time to let me show you “truth” from the perspective of heaven, knowing that as I do, whilst you might only be able to hold onto parts of it, I can give you everything you need.

But you feel like something needs to give. The truth is you need to let me give. Let me loose in all areas of your life. Stop putting me in a safe, cosy box!

Let me love you. Let me show you what “love” really looks like. Let me love the people who you love because I love them even more than you do. You need to let me be love in their lives. Yes, even those people who don’t let me love them yet. You stand in the gap for them. Ask me what that looks like. Ask, expecting me to answer you. I am not far from you, remember?

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