Ask – and prepared to be delighted!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I’m not going to show up in exactly the same way, time and time again. I’m more creative than that! What you can be certain of though is I am always speaking to you, always sharing my heart with you, and so when you seek me, you will find me. I’m not far from you and I don’t hide myself away.

Instead, what if you thought of life together as a game? What if you expected that doing life with me would be fun? Not every single moment of every single day, you’ll have things to deal with like the rest of humanity in the current age, but if your default expectation was that life together would be good, how would that shift things?

You’ve experienced the disappointment of unfulfilled expectation but you can’t let that stop you from letting me raise your default. Yes, it’s a balance and I’m not trying to set you up. I’m trying to raise your expectations in me because I am a good Dad and I am wooing you with my love. When it comes to my love for you, you can never expect too much!

What if you believed that there were no hoops to jump through in order to hear my heart? (There are none!) What if you didn’t have to move through certain steps? (You don’t!) What if it were as simple as saying hello, starting a conversation? (It is!)

Yes, when there is noise around you or life feels distracting, gentle music or a walk outside in the fresh air might feel like it helps you hear me but I don’t require those things. When you fall for the lie that approaching me needs to follow a set pattern, you’re in danger of getting tangled up in religion and that is not my best for you.

Ask me to show you my best for you in this moment. Ask, expecting an answer – and prepare to be delighted!

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