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Youier? You + Intentional, Expectant, Relationship!

No more boring quiet times or praying for miracles you're not even sure He wants to perform. It's time to accept God's invitation to be an active participant in your day to day life.

Conversation. Asking questions. Expecting to hear from Him.

Because you can hear from God, He's always speaking - you maybe just didn't know it was Him.

It's time to change that so you can stop going through the motions and reclaim that child-like sense of wonder & delight. Fully alive, fully human! A child of the King!

Get your copy of the book that started it all ... Youier!


It All Comes Back To Love: 183 Little Love Letters From Heaven To You

Heaven's whispering "I love you". It's time to lift up your head, smile and listen for the whisper. This little book is here to help.

Back in April 2020, I was given a piece of homework: To ask Holy Spirit, “what are you saying today?” And then to write down what I heard. Little did I know then that this would be the start of an incredible journey of learning to hear from God more.

Plus an even deeper understanding of God and His love.

These love notes come with an invitation to join us in The Blue House. I'm on a mission to inspire as many people as possible to step up and be Youier, the people God created them to be, and to take action towards those God-given dreams, goals and ambitions. Why? So we can light up the world with God's love & joy!


Available on Kindle and in paperback, Dear God, this is not what I ordered! is for those times when you find yourself facing a new season of life, possibly one that feels uncertain and completely not what you’d anticipated.

It was born out of a time of world-wide uncertainty, to help Christians make peace with all that had gone before, ahead of preparing for the new and building resilience to keep on keeping on with God.

Instead of “just another daily devotional”, it includes writing prompts to help guide you and is written for regular, day to day “real life” not “ideal life”. Dear God, this is not what I ordered! is an invitation to sit with God, to hear His heart for you, and to be open to whatever this new season will bring.

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