Bring all things to me

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I really can and do exceed all of your expectations and the more you loosen your grip on what the realisation of those expectations looks like, the more freedom I have to move. But if I can exceed all your expectations, what if you started expecting more of me? I’d move to exceed those expectations too!

Try me. Ask me to help you increase your expectation and watch how I move. And no, it’s not heresy or demonstrating a lack of faith to test me in this way. It’s a biblical principle. “Taste and see that the Lord is good!”

And every time you explore your expectations with me, we’re having a conversation. How can I not delight in that?

What if this life, this world, is so much more than you ever dared believe it could be? What if every day really could be one of joy, adventure and delight? Yes, I hear your doubts. You want to believe that this could be true but it bumps up against stuff.

Explore those things with me. The doubts, the uncertainties, the bumps and sharp edges. Yes, you are noticing a theme … I want you to bring all things to me, explore everything with me. Nothing is off limits. What if you really believed that?

It all comes back to love and your ability to accept and receive my love at face value. It’s not “too good to be true” and you really can trust me.

Yes, I hear you … you wonder how my love can be truly unconditional when held up against some of the language used to describe me and my actions in the bible, particularly the Old Testament. Everything in the bible came from me so know that you can trust it, even when you don’t understand it. 

What if, the next time you read or heard something that sounded hard or confusing to you, you brought that to me too? Nothing is off limits, remember? And that includes my words. I love you with an everlasting love so bring me all your questions and let me love you.

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