Bringing exactly what you need before you know you need it

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I’m bringing exactly what you need in the very next moment, even before you know you need anything. And the thing that you need won’t always be what you’d immediately think of if you had the ability to think it through but I know you, even better than you know yourself, so even as you’re beginning to reach that point where things are feeling difficult, know that I’ve already prepared the way.

People are thinking of you even before they or you know you need thinking of. And yes, “thinking of” is often times code for “praying” because you know by now that even if not everyone knows they’re lifting you up to me, I hear and see and receive everything. If someone is “thinking of you”, they’re talking to me about you.

Now yes, taking that train of thought to its logical conclusion, that sometimes means that some people are speaking ill of you to me, even without realising it but guess what? I know you and I know your heart. And I know them and I know exactly what they really need so even as they’re speaking ill of you to me, I can take that and turn it to good because yes, I am that good! And yes, I am that full of love!

Your moments of frustration and feelings of angst are all part of your story, your testimony. You don’t need to shy away from the times when things feel difficult or you don’t understand. When you feel overwhelmed and need my help moment by moment to “take every thought captive”, you can be open and transparent about the process.

When you live real life out loud with me you help others do the same. You are not alone in those feelings and other people need to know that they’re not alone in their feelings either.

But, your feelings are only an indicator, they are not my ultimate truth so if your feelings aren’t empowering you, if they’re leading you away from my promises, bring them to me. Bring everything to me. I’ve gone ahead of you and prepared your steps and it brings me joy when you share how you’re really feeling.

Why? Because I love you and, as you’ve heard me remind you more than once already, I love doing life with you!

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