Distraction is not resting

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

When you find yourself needing to wait on someone else, when you’ve taken the next step and things are out of your hands, let me help you resist the temptation to distract yourself with things that don’t serve you. I’m not asking you to run at full speed, resting is good for you, but distraction is not resting. If you need to rest then yes, rest but I say it again … distraction is not resting.

Instead, ask me if there is something else you can be doing or experiencing or sharing. You might have done the “next step” but is there a step after that? Or a side step?

Part of living in relationship with me, moment by moment, day by day, means that you won’t always have the full picture available to you. There are going to be occasions when you can only take one step at a time with periods of pausing and waiting on others in between. I know that this can easily frustrate you which is why we’re exploring this today.

The last thing I want is for you to waste time holding anxiety in your body for the pieces you don’t have answers to yet. Instead, know that when you follow each nudge, you can do so and then leave it with me. You are not responsible for the outcome. Follow each nudge knowing that you can trust me to work all things out for good in my perfect time.

Yes, I know that if you had your way you’d much prefer to know the end from the beginning but what if part of the picture would be so overwhelming to you that it would totally derail you from following the nudges?

I’m not holding out on you. You asked me to help you live in my best for you and doing that is going to require trust and the ability, me-helping you, to leave things with me.

And know that those times when it feels hard to do so, you can talk to me about it. There is nothing you need to hide from me. We are doing all of life together and it is my pleasure to do so!

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