Don’t despise the seed!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

The more you flow with me, the more you invite me to open all your senses so you can hear me, and the more you allow me to help you be you, the more you will bring joy and my love to the people around you.

And this isn’t just for your close friends or family members. When you embrace who I created you to be and simply flow through the day from there, you bring joy to the wider world around you. There are people who crossed your path today who are feeling a little bit better in the world because of the conversation they had with you.

No, you don’t need to pepper every conversation with “Jesus said” in order for those interactions to make a difference. There are some people you meet only once or twice who’ll never know that you and I are friends but the sheer act of you being in the room with them allows me to move.

Every time you show up with me, with love, you are sowing seeds that I can add water, light and time to. Some seeds you’ll see the fruit of, some seed is for others to harvest, but all of it is for the good of my Kingdom, allowing my love to grow and fill the whole earth so don’t despise the seed and don’t neglect the sowing!

And yes, life feels more fun when you show up fully content in who I created you to be. It is a lie from the enemy that doing life with me must be serious or boring! I love you and I knew exactly what I was doing when I created you so why wouldn’t I allow the very essence of you being you to also be a delightful thing?

Be you with me. Have fun doing so. Impact the world with my love. Rinse and repeat!

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