Dreaming is beautiful

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What if part of what feels like “holding out” is actually allowing time for the fullest, clearest answer to be revealed?  There are so many pieces at play that you can’t see, story strands being woven together beautifully by your Author and Creator.

The more you rest in my ability to guide you, the more delightful the story will feel. You don’t change the story by holding onto pieces too tightly. You simply change your experience of the story. Things can flow more smoothly when you loosen up and let me help you relax.

Made in my image with the ability to think, to reason, is a gift. It also leaves you open to over-thinking, to operating independently of me. That’s why it’s such a challenge for you to allow pieces of the story to simply play out.

This is not an issue for the rest of my creation. The tree in your garden doesn’t spend time wondering where its nourishment will come from. Birds plan ahead by building nests but they have no concept of a five year plan.

I love that you can dream and build and have vision. It’s time to build and dream and capture the vision with me. Yes, I know I’m repeating myself but it’s vital you catch this. Dream and build with me. With me is key yes but sometimes you find yourself afraid to dream and we need that piece too. Dream with me. It’s not either/or. I’m inviting you into both and where you feel resistance, take that as your cue to press in.

The enemy will remind you of all the reasons why it’s not safe to dream. Bring each of those reasons to me and let me shine the light of my truth into your life. It is safe to dream. You were born to dream. Dreaming with me is beautiful!

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