Embrace your humanity

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Do you really believe I knew exactly what I was doing when I hand-crafted you? I saw you, knew you, loved you, before I spoke the stars into existence. You are not an accident and I didn’t make a mistake! What’s it going to take for you to really embrace that as truth and walk that out actively in your day to day life?

Because yes, some aspects of you are too much for some people in your life. Some aspects of you don’t always seem to fit with the way the world wants to run. Some aspects of you feel like they’ve needed to be trained and practiced in order to function well. That doesn’t make you any less delightful and precious to me!

This world in its current form is not the fullest expression of my Kingdom. Not everything in the world operates in the way that I would like it to. There are aspects of your reality that bump up against who you are because you are my child. You’re operating from a different lens and that can cause friction.

Know this … the more you embrace you, the real you, the you I saw before the world was made, the bigger impact you will have in bringing my Kingdom to earth as it is in heaven.

And no, this isn’t about being rude or obnoxious. Jesus is the very greatest example of walking out the fullest expression of who He is and He was and is never rude or obnoxious. Fix your eyes on Jesus. Yes, you’ve heard that before and with good reason: 

There is nothing accidental about the plan of salvation. Jesus didn’t have to be born as a human baby and live life as a real man. We could have planned another way, but Jesus embraced humanity so you would always have an example to look to.

Look to Jesus then, and ask me to help you embrace your humanity, the real you I saw and loved before the world was made.

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