Everything gets easier with practice

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You often asking me what I’m saying but today I want you to consider what I’m not saying. Specifically, what are the things that you’re never going to hear from me? Two words: Doubt and condemnation.

About my love for you there is no doubt. It is unrelenting, unconditional and unfailing. I am never far from you and any time you feel doubt creeping in, please understand that that is never of me.

Yes, you’ve had occasions where you felt unsettled. You felt like something had changed or shifted in my best for you. Know that my love never changes. What you’re feeling in that moment is a shift in your understanding and yes, that can feel unsettling.

When that happens, talk to me about it. Let me show up for you in that moment because I never want you to live from a place of doubt and confusion. There is always an answer, even if the answer sometimes surprises you.

And I do not condemn you, never. The age you live in gives you unparalleled access to an even greater understanding and expression of my love.

Yes, sometimes you will feel guilt or remorse. That check in your spirit that you didn’t show up or speak or act as Jesus would have done in the same situation is an invitation. An invitation is not the same as condemnation!

Shame and condemnation are of the enemy and you are to reject any and all his lies. Instead, ask me what the invitation is. Let me show you how to move forward with me from that moment. See it as an opportunity to grow in love, grow in me.

What if all of life were simply an opportunity to practice living in my love? Think of it as a dry run ahead of the age to come. All of it is about love and the more you move with me, the more you will move in love. Moment by moment, day by day. You won’t always get it right but that’s why we call it practice. And everything gets easier with practice!

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