Get ready to love!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There is more power in my little finger than in all the forces of evil combined and guess what? You’re mine, made in my image, so you have authority too. The battle is won, Jesus did it, and it’s time for you to step into this new day as my victorious beloved.

Child of the King! When you fully own Whose you are, you’ll find yourself standing a little taller, letting me love you with more confidence, and sharing that love more widely. Why? Because my love is infectious! When you’ve experienced for yourself the joy of living in my love, why would you want to keep it to yourself?

I really do want to move through you. The people in your day to day life who don’t yet let me love them directly, what if you asked me to help you love them even more? What if I gave you the inside track on what lights them up so you could learn to love them more deeply?

And yes, I can help you love the challenging people too. You’re made in my image and they are made in my image. Sometimes my image might seem to be buried deeply. Other times my image has been tarnished by hurt or too many years living unconnected to me. It’s important that you understand this … nothing is ever truly lost forever.

You might look at the world around you and believe the lie that this life is pointless. The enemy wants to keep you feeling defeated because if you knew just how powerful you really are, you would be unstoppable! My love flowing through you really can impact the world in a tangible, measurable way. The lies are already defeated. Ask me to show you the truth, my truth, and get ready to love!

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