Give me your ducks!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

My timing is perfect and yet I am also outside of time, I’m not bound by it. I’ll lead you to something that, from your perspective, was released in the past, but it comes alive for you, speaks to you in a way that is fresh. That’s how good I am!

So yes, regardless of the date, when I lead you or nudge you, when something comes to you in a manner you can’t quite even remember, know that it is for right now. That word is as fresh for you today as it was for the people who caught it on the day it was released. 

My word does not stagnate or spoil. You haven’t missed me if you don’t catch a word on the day it is released. Trust that I am so much bigger, better and more powerful than that!

And I am God of right now. I am who I am. I am has sent you. I am is whispering love to you in this moment. And I am for you, never against you. It’s time to ask me again what’s on my heart for you in this moment. Ask, expecting an answer. 

I am not far from you and you don’t have to get all your ducks lined up before approaching me. Understand this … you love me so I’m already resident with you. To where do you suppose you could go without me to find those ducks?! Nothing can ever separate you from my love!

If you have areas of your life that you feel need work, those “ducks” the enemy tells you you must have under control before being with me, what if we went after them together? Reject any lie that causes distance between us and instead give those “ducks” to me. Taking what the enemy meant for evil and turning it to good is my speciality. Look at the garden of Eden if you ever need a reminder of how I can work all things to good.

Yes, sometimes it takes a minute but I’m playing the long game and can redeem time so bring everything to me, hide nothing and instead simply come to me because I love you.

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