Heaven is moving!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Heaven is moving! “On earth as it is in heaven” so if heaven is moving, be assured that I am moving in the earth too! In the earth and on the earth. Nations lining up, coming under the King’s authority. You can’t see it yet but hold on dear one, it is happening and you have a part to play in all of this.

Don’t discount yourself, don’t call yourself insignificant. There is a plan and a purpose for your life. I saw everything when I dreamed you into existence. I’m inviting you to dream bigger with me. With me is key. Dream with me, not for me. When you dream with me, heaven moves and principalities are thrown into confusion.

I know you’ve been disappointed. You’re afraid to dream bigger because even the little dreams feel impossible to you right now from your perspective.

Remember, I want to help you refuse to worry. Worry and disappointment go hand in hand and I’m inviting you to give both to me. Let me shift your perspective. Let me open all your senses to a glimpse of heaven’s perspective.

You’re not a crazy dreamer, you’re my dreamer and together we are going to impact the world! We are already impacting the world, you simply don’t see it all yet but trust me, it is happening. 

Trust the ripples and keep moving forward with me. Give me the “first fruits” of your day. Let me bless you. There is so much wonder and delight I want to share with you. Let me in! You don’t need to keep me at a carefully guarded distance. You can do all of life with me, share everything that’s on your heart with me.

And watch as I move. Ask me to open all your senses so you can see it. The solutions are already in play. Nothing is impossible for me so tell me what’s on your heart. Tell me what you need and allow me to show up.

I love you so much, more than you know, and I am thrilled and delighted to be given the opportunity to demonstrate my love. Ask, expecting an answer – and watch how I move!

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