Hold onto hope – and don’t let go!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You’re stepping into a new moment in time. I hesitate to call it a new season because that will lead you to the calendar and you’ll be tempted to try and figure out where the new fits within the context of what’s come before. Forget the past! Don’t dwell on the former things. I am doing a new thing in this moment. You can sense it in your spirit, it is what’s making you smile. The sense of expectation is strong in you. You get that from me. Hold onto the hope you have and don’t let go!

Recognise it, thank me for it, and then ask me how we will navigate this moment together. The easiest way for you to move into everything I have for you is for us to do it together, one moment at a time. Yes, I know I’ve reminded you of this a lot but you have an incredible mind, one that will all too easily overcomplicate what we’re doing together. 

Together is key! You can do this, with me. I’ve called you to this moment and you will have success beyond measure for my glory and the Kingdom. With me is key!

And I know that word success is something of a millstone for you. Don’t get hung up on the language. Success with me is so much more than the world knows, sees or understands. That’s why it is beyond all measure. The world can’t really understand what we’re doing but one day it will see. One day the scales will fall off every eye and everyone will see and understand just how good I am!

And in the meantime? Keeping walking this out with me, moment by moment. It really is that simple. Expect to hear from me. Talk to me like you talk to your closest friend or confidante. I am so very good, loving and kind and I love it when we do life together. 

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