I adore every inch of you!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

It’s time to recognise where your gifts come from, Who they’re from, and embrace them! Because part of you being you, the fullest expression of you being you, includes embracing every quirk and eccentricity I gave you. Embracing, not tolerating. Why? Because I don’t tolerate you, I adore you! If the Creator of the universe adores you, every inch of you, what’s it going to take for you to adore you too?

And no, this isn’t about pride or thinking more highly of yourself than would be good for you. I adore every one of my children, that “made in the image of God” piece is in every single person you interact with today. This is about adoring every one of my children, learning to love them and yourself as I love. Treasured. Adored. Redeemed.

Who you are, the way you move through the world, the things can come so naturally to you, the things that light you up … none of these things are an accident. It’s not an accident that your mind works in weird and wonderful ways! I wasn’t having an “off day” when I created the intricate synapses of your mind. I crafted your beautiful mind very intentionally.

I know that sometimes you feel like I made a mistake. There are aspects of you and others that the world says are not “normal” and it would be easy for you to believe the lie that there’s some aspect of you that needs fixing.

The only “fixing” required was done two thousand years by your big brother Jesus. It is finished! He said it then and He’s saying it again now to remind you. You are a new creation!

And those days when you feel anything less than “new”, ask me to help you see yourself as I see you. Ask me to transform your mind so you can step into this very next moment with me, the work of art I created you to be!

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