I am alongside you

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You never see a goose apologising for not walking faster as she crosses the road. The seagull swoops and dives with wild abandon. The little sparrows never worry that someone or something is going to judge them for eating when they’re hungry. If these creatures can simply live in the reality of who I created them to be, why is it so tricky for you?

Yes, it’s tricky because your mind is so much more powerful. You can think and contemplate and reason. You can also overthink, doubt and second guess yourself. What if you didn’t? You have the mind of Christ. That means you have the option to hear my heart, to dig into today from my perspective and live with the freedom that comes from being my beloved!

What would it look like to move through today with my confidence? Because I believe in you. There is so much I would love us to explore together, adventures to embark upon, and that journeying is made possible when you take me at my word.

Ask me who I say you are and believe me. Ask me how I see you and trust that I am always telling you the truth. Allow me to woo you with my love, my care, my kindness, my provision. I want to show up for you today. I want to be everything in your life.

Yes, you can still have friends and family who you care about. I’m not here to replace people. I’m here to add to your experience of what it means to be human. Imagine doing life with your friends and family and me. See me sat alongside you as you chat and laugh and cry and celebrate and all the other emotions you experience as you do life with people.

This doesn’t need to be the stuff of imagination. I am alongside you. And in you and standing guard behind you and going ahead of you preparing the route. Live in me. Live in love.

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