I am celebrating you

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You are drawing people to me, simply by hearing my heart and being who I created you to be. It doesn’t need to be complicated. You don’t need to overthink it. Instead, simply follow the nudges.

And please remember … You don’t need approval or applause from anyone else. Know that I am proud of you. I am celebrating you. You being you is always enough.

What the world looks at as success is fleeting and so small compared to my best for you. Stop trying to live up to anything other than living up to love! That is most important. You won’t take the accolades with you. They are irrelevant!

Let me help you let go of the need for approval. If you can get to the end of today with a smile on your face and the people you do life with know that they are loved, that is enough.

I know there are things you’re excited about exploring with me. You cling on to my promises for you – and rightly so, I have so many wonderful gifts for you.

But I will never advance my promises for you at the expense of people. It’s all about relationship. Your relationship with me, your relationship with the people around you, and my relationship with them.

People are my priority! Made in my image, humanity is the crown jewels of my creation. Not just good but very good. And no, not everything my kids do is very good but I’m operating from the perspective of heaven. From my perspective, humanity is very good.

And that’s why people matter. Ask me how to move in your relationships in such a way that my promises are fulfilled. Ask, expecting an answer. Ask, and be specific. Ask, and be ready to act on the answer!

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