I am moving, I am working

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What might today look like if you didn’t put so much pressure on yourself? What if you really believed that in all things, every thing, no matter the size, I am working, moving, for your good? And I’m not passive. Working implies action. I am acting on your behalf in all things for your good. Of this you can be certain.

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Stop picking up the things that were never yours to carry. When you move with me, allowing me to carry the heavy pieces, you can run and dance and skip through today with wild abandon! I love to see you move like that, it brings me so much joy.

And me working in all things for your good was never intended to simply be a nice little sound bite to help you on the days when things feel tricky. Those words are a promise. I am moving. I am working.

You can’t always see the direct result of my work but remember the times when you asked me for favour and favour was given? I worked in that situation, even if you couldn’t see how. I’m incredibly practical. That’s why I would love you to share everything with me.

There is nothing that you can’t talk to me about. I have more than enough bandwidth to not just handle all your stuff but move in it, work in it and bring all of it to a good conclusion. Why? Because I love you. And you love me, I see your heart.

You don’t have to use the same words as anyone else to express love. You simply need to be you, the you I created you to be, moving through every moment of today in relationship with me. It was never meant to be complicated. Just show up and invite me to speak with you. It really is that simple.

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