I love to show you off!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Sometimes the things I invite you to explore with me will seem to make no sense at all. You explore things in a straight line through time but I am comfortable and able to hold today in my hands, even as I nudge you about things for next week, next month, next year.

Some of the pieces will only start to feel understandable within the context of later but I love it when you take action on the nudges – even when you don’t get it. In fact, those times when you take action on nudges without understanding the “why” make my heart sing!

Your obedience and ability to move forward, moment by moment with me, when it feels like you’re groping in the dark, is the stuff of legends! No seriously, there are conversations happening in the heavenly realm about you right now. I love to show you off!

Do you find it hard to believe that the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the one who spoke all things into being, delights in you? It’s time for an upgrade! Ask me to help you see yourself as I see you. Ask me what’s on my heart concerning you. You are so very dear to me, more precious than you know.

And don’t be surprised when all of a sudden, answers to prayers seems to fall into place without warning. The solutions to those things that have been on your heart have felt like a long time coming but I put those things on your heart. You started talking to me about those things because they are important to me. Why wouldn’t I have prepared the solution even before the problem became apparent to you?

Even those big leaps you took, they’re of me. Not every big leap you ever took was my best for you but the big leap you took after seeking my heart? All me! And those times you leaped simply because it felt good? I turn all things to good, nothing is wasted. 

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