I love you, period

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Those times when you get distracted by life, when you stay up too late and spend the rest of the following day feeling washed out, when you lose sight of my wonder and don’t enjoy time with me, it’s okay. I still love you! I love you because I love you because I love you, remember?

I don’t love you because of what you can do for me. I don’t love you because you’re moving with the flow of my will. I don’t love you because you’re loving people into the Kingdom. I love you, period!

The frustration you feel when you “wake up” and catch yourself wasting time is of your own invention. You have a sense of the call on your life and how precious and fleeting time is. That’s why you get cross with yourself.

And that serves a purpose because I don’t want you sleepwalking through life. I want you to be intentional about us doing life together but know this … I am not cross with you!

It’s important that you don’t mistake my passion for anger. I am passionately opposed to anything that gets in the way of us doing life together but I’m never angry with you. Yes, the word angry is used to describe me in the bible but you’re reading a translation written for a different people at a different time. Angry has many different colours and shades.

Hear my heart. Seek my love. Understand that I am love and have always been love. Reject condemnation and instead ask me for my truth. Ask me how I see you. Ask me what’s on my heart for you right now. I have so many wonderful, delightful truths to share with you, more numerous than grains of sand on the seashore, and I never tire of showering you with whispers, reminders of my love.

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