I love you so much – yes you personally

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I love you so much. I never tire of telling you that and yes, I know you’ve heard it a lot but you really don’t get it. I love you, love you. That ache you have for your children, I feel that for you. Yes, you personally. 

Love is such a big concept, bandied around and applied to light and trivial things but there is nothing trivial about my feelings for you!

And that sense of loss, the pain deep inside when someone or some creature is lost to you, I feel that too. Even though I know the end from the beginning, Jesus wept. Even though I hold the whole of creation together with my voice, my righteous anger burns.

I hate seeing my precious children tear each other apart. It breaks my heart. Yes, anger and hate but not directed in the way that some of my children suppose it is directed.

And one day all pain and hurt will be gone but until that moment comes, simply know that I burn with love for you. All the music in all the world cannot adequately express the fullness of the love I have for you.

And my love for you is why you can trust me. I’m really not trying to trip you up or catch you out. I’m not even testing you in the way you’ve sometimes understand it.

Yes, I hear you thinking about Job. All I’m going to tell you is that you’re not Job! If you want me to treat all my children the same I can but if you’re willing to accept and embrace that I created you with a plan and a purpose, wonderfully and fearfully made, beautifully unique, you cannot compare your journey with anyone else’s, even someone famous in the bible!

Instead, let me lavish you with my love. Soak in this increased awareness of just how treasured and adored you are because I love you so much – yes you personally.

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