I really am always speaking

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What if you really understood and believed that I’m always speaking? And my language is not limited to human speech. If all of creation can sing to me, do you think it’s possible I might be able to sing back? So what if you stepped into today intentionally tuning your ear to hear me? Yes, “hear” really is the wrong word but understand it in the widest possible context and you might start to see, hear, taste, touch and smell me at work around you today.

Yes, I have a smell. It is a glorious perfume beyond description but don’t let that deter you. There is so much wonder and delight I ache to share with you today. Now that you’re finally ready to “hear” me, open yourself up to the possibility that you’re going to experience me more and more. Look around you right now and ask me what I’m saying through the very first thing your eyes land on. Try me. I am speaking!

See? I really am always speaking, you simply didn’t always know it was me. And the more we walk this out together, the blurrier the lines are going to get between your thoughts and my thoughts. I’ll give you a hint though: Those times when you find yourself wondering where that idea came from because it’s simply brilliant? Me! Not every thought is me but more than you realise.

Do you know which thoughts are not me? Condemnation. Doubt. Fear. When any of those kinds of thoughts raise their heads, bring them to me and let me shine the truth of my love on them. Perfect love casts out all fear and I am love, so how any fear be of my design? It can’t!

Yes, we have more to explore here but for now, just hold onto my love and remember that I am always delighting over you!

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