I’m in your dreams too

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What would it look like to dream with me today? If I’m always whispering to you, what if I’m in your dreams too? As a child you might have been criticised for day-dreaming but you’re not a child any more and no one is going to tell you off for pondering life with me.

And no, this isn’t pointless mental gymnastics. There is so much that I would love to explore with you and day-dreaming is one way that we can do that. What if you stopped all the inputs for a time and instead it was just the two of us?

Why does that idea intimidate you? You know you can trust me, right? So what’s the problem? Is it possible that you’ve allowed some things to creep into your day to day routine that aren’t enriching your life? Understand that I’m exploring this with you from a position of love. Human nature is to want to fill every second but what if that isn’t my best for you?

You and I have been exploring the idea of spaciousness for more years than you can count. Under-scheduling was one of your favourite expressions, remember? So what happened? When did you buy into the lie that busy was better?

Yes, I know that there are things you need to do, expectations to meet, and I’m not suggesting you abandon your responsibilities. You and I have so much goodness to explore together and when you do that, I also invite you to share my goodness with others.

What I’m really going after today is what you think of as your “down time”. Those moments in the day when you’re not expected to do anything, when you have space to simply be. What if you did that with me? No inputs, just you and me? What might that look like?

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