I’m meeting you where you are

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There’s a difference between resting in me and procrastination. The latter is fuelled ultimately by fear. You think it’s not fear, you think it’s overwhelm or uncertainty but both are rooted in fear: Fear of not knowing the correct action to take.

What if there was never one correct action? What if all of life with me was simply about moving with the certainty of my love, hearing my heart and moving with heaven? Yes, I know I made it sound easy, straight forward but that’s because it is. The lies from the enemy are what complicate things!

You sit with me, hear my heart, bask in my love – and then start to fall for the lie that you look like you’re being lazy and you should be doing something productive. What if sitting with me, hearing my heart, basking in my love, was the most productive thing you could possibly be doing right now?

The beauty of doing life with me, moving with heaven, is that when I invite you to take action and you feel yourself pulling back or putting off, you can explore that with me and I can help you understand what’s really going on.

And so I say it again … what if the very best, most productive and life-affirming thing you could be doing right now is being with me, hearing my heart, exploring my love?

Yes, I know there are things you must do today. Demands and expectations you put on yourself or allow others to put on you. Some might call those things your “job” and you feel a sense of responsibility. You argue that you can’t simply down tools and meet with me right now. Guess what? I am right there with you, slap bang in the centre of those demands and expectations. I can meet you where you are. There are no hoops to jump through!

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