I’m speaking right now & always

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What if the only “secret” to hearing me is recognising that I never stopped speaking? Yes, there are years before Jesus was born that are historically a time when I was silent but that’s simply a different season, a different time, a different covenant even. But I didn’t go anywhere, I was still active and loving on my people. It simply looked different.

But that’s not what I want you to pause and consider today. Instead, consider that I’m speaking right now and always. And those times in your past when you shared Jesus stories, those were from me. Yes, that was me too. My “voice” has different tones, different expressions. I told you that before. I was always speaking to you, you simply didn’t know it was me.

Now that you do know my voice though, what if we actively explored my sound together? Yes, remembering that “sound” is too limiting a word for everything I’m sharing. Lift up your head again. What do you see? Ask me what I’m saying through that object.

Yes, I know we did this before and you have the same doubts and questions as last time: You wonder if it’s really me or you’re simply making up the answers. And you can’t help but wonder if I would really speak to you through something physical like a banana or a cup of coffee? 

I’m holding this whole world together through the power of my love. What makes you think I can’t speak to you in any way I choose? And consider this: I gave you a great imagination but even in your wildest dreams, did you ever imagine the Creator of the universe speaking through everything?

Exactly! So if you didn’t imagine it, where is all of this coming from? That’s right, me! Start noticing what you notice and then ask me about it. Ask, expecting an answer. And never forget that all of this is about us doing life together, moment by moment, fuelled and powered by my love for you. 

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