Incredible – yet closer than the air that you breathe

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

It’s time to rise up in your identity as a child of the King! No more hiding in the shadows. No more being afraid of the “what ifs” or the unknown. Nothing is ever truly unknown when you’re walking with me because I see the end from the beginning. I saw this exact moment, I knew we’d be having this conversation today!

I’m calling you to stand up tall and take ownership of your household. You have authority because you are mine and I am inviting you to partner with me, to help reveal my love more fully, to make known my goodness throughout the world.

And yes, I know “the world” sounds big to you but compared with me it is but a drop in the ocean. You really don’t yet know and understand just how incredible I am!

Incredible and yet closer than the air that you breathe. You and I are one, intricately woven together. Ask me to show you what that really looks like, what that really means for your day to day reality. I want to show you and share with you incredible things!

Incredible and, from a physical perspective, unbelievable – but you can believe me because you know me. You and I have history!

And those times when you’re simply not sure? Know that I understand. The more that we walk this out, the easier it becomes for you to trust me but you’re still walking with the blinders on.

You can ask me to remove them and I will but understand that in so doing, some things around you will seem to suddenly make even less sense than before. And when that happens, that’s when you have the opportunity to step into trust and the certainty of my love in a brand new way!

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