Intentional, expectant, relationship

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You can do anything when you do life with me but I’m not asking you to do every thing. There is a difference and I need you to notice and feel the distinction. One thing at a time, walking this life out in relationship with me, that’s what the invitation is. And yes, some seasons will feel busier than others. It’s especially important during those full seasons to seek my heart before adding more to your already over-stuffed schedule. All things but not every thing.

This is not about success at any cost, remember. This is about relationship. Thriving rather than simply surviving. Some people can carry more on their calendars but every one needs space to simply be, with me. Human being, not human doing.

Stop trying to plan how you can cram all the things in then. Yes, I hear your heart and I know your intentions are honourable. You think that by cramming things in now, getting stuff done ahead of schedule, that you’ll finally have the spaciousness you so desperately need.

What if spaciousness is as simple as taking a walk with me? I’m not another thing to check off your to-do list. I’m always with you so even when you’re knee deep in the cramming, I’m right there with you. It’s simply your awareness of my presence that has shifted in that moment.

Understand that I’m trying to help you build a life that will be a joy to you and the people around you. Your joy really can bring salvation to the nations when you allow us to do this together. There is more at stake here than you know. It’s about more than your personal level of contentment. There are things here that can make a difference in the generations to come and all of it starts with you stepping into each moment with me. Intentional, expectant, relationship.

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