It is time!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What if you moved through today with freedom and joy? What if you could do so because you were secure in the understanding of who you are and Whose you are? I have called you by name. I knew you, saw you, loved you, as I was creating the world. There is nothing about you that causes me alarm. Those times when I invite you to explore an area of your life with me, it’s for your benefit, to help you move into my best for you. The invitation is not because you’ve slipped away from me or caused me to worry.

I never worry. I weep, yes, but worry is not of me. It’s not in my nature. And when I weep, it’s because of the picture I see for you and the world around you. Yes, even though I know the end from the beginning, I weep. I choose to live each moment in real time with you and in so doing, I weep with you. And that’s why you never need to feel alone or misunderstood. I am with you and I understand. I feel it too.

I am inviting you today to step into my boldness and courage. It’s time to speak up. Those things in your life that you don’t always share with the people in your household for fear of being misunderstood? I am giving you the words. They will form a part of your story that will lead others to my love.

And remember that “boldness” doesn’t need to be brash. You can speak boldly with kindness and love. I’ll help you. Lean in and hear me. I am with you, always, and I’m not going to leave you. You can depend on me. Take a deep breath. Breathe in my power. Breathe out fear.

Freedom and joy is your inheritance and it’s not just for you so open your ears to hear me and get ready. It is time!

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